“The Violet” Toilet Articles in Sterling Silver by Daniel Low & Co. –

Daniel Low - Art Nouveau Violet pattern

Tucked inside L’Art Décoratif, I found a page torn from an old catalogue. The company is Daniel Low & Co., Gold and Silver Smiths, of Salem, Massachusetts.

On both sides of the page are sterling silver toilet items. The front of the page (numbered 0-27) begins with a rather lengthy description of the company’s “Toilet Articles in Sterling Silver”, which you can read here.

This page features a pattern called “The Violet.” It’s noted that “Articles are twice the length and width of illustrations.”

“The Violet” is a lush pattern featuring violets, ribbons and leaves.

Here’s how Daniel Low & Co. describes “The Violet”:

The violet has been used as the motif for this new set as it has been the most popular of the flowers reporduced in the smaller silver articles. The treatment is good, the workmanship bold, and the occasional touches of bright silver help to bring out the excellent effect of the soft grey finish.

Available pieces include:
Handle Mirror; Ring Mirror; Hair Brush (medium and large); Cloth Brush; Velvet Brush; Military Brush; Lady’s Comb (celluloid); Man’s Comb (celluloid); Bonnet Brush; Infant’s Brush; Nail Polisher; Nail File; Cuticle Scissors with long blades; Nail Scissors, curved.

I love this pattern so much and would love to find some of these items!

What do you think?

What do you think?