Plate #2: Becker – Objects pour la Maison Boucheron

This second plate features a marvelous table clock and a richly-adorned Bible cover.

Becker - Clock and Bible Cover for Maison Boucheron

BECKER – Objects en Matieres pr├ęcieuses pour la Maison Boucheron
(Becker – Objects in precious materials for Maison Boucheron)

The artist’s first name isn’t mentioned, but the clock may have been made by Gustav Becker, the well-known German clock maker of the time.

Here’s some more information about him:
Gustav Becker clocks
Gustav Becker – Wikipedia

Edmond-Henri Becker was another Art Nouveau artist:
Edmond-Henri Becker at Wikipedia (France)

Maison Boucheron was established in 1858 and was known for its high-end jewelry and other items, providing elaborate pieces for royalty and the wealthy worldwide.… [Read the rest...]