Plate #2: Becker – Objects pour la Maison Boucheron

This second plate features a marvelous table clock and a richly-adorned Bible cover.

Becker - Clock and Bible Cover for Maison Boucheron

BECKER – Objects en Matieres pr├ęcieuses pour la Maison Boucheron
(Becker – Objects in precious materials for Maison Boucheron)

The artist’s first name isn’t mentioned, but the clock may have been made by Gustav Becker, the well-known German clock maker of the time.

Here’s some more information about him:
Gustav Becker clocks
Gustav Becker – Wikipedia

Edmond-Henri Becker was another Art Nouveau artist:
Edmond-Henri Becker at Wikipedia (France)

Maison Boucheron was established in 1858 and was known for its high-end jewelry and other items, providing elaborate pieces for royalty and the wealthy worldwide. The Boucheron website states that “At the [1900] Universal Exhibition in Paris, The Maison Boucheron receives the gold medal and is established as one of the forerunners of the Art Nouveau movement.” That event occurred one year before this plate was published.


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P.S. Here’s a poem which I think you’ll like: “Antique Clock” by L.G. Hertz.

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